changing communication

immediate critical situation management

how we help

Critical situations happen every day: severe weather, medical emergencies, pandemics, malfunctioning products, violence at schools and workplaces, active shooters, terrorism, environmental discharges, hacks and disrupt operations.

keep people safe everywhere & anytime

alert residents & visitors

one call – save all
independent from the internet

anticipate and prevent critical situations

accelerate medical response

leaving no one behind – the only alert for illiterate and visual impaired people

tCall is preinstalled in over 8 billion phones, already available in over 180 countries. We are managing more than 4.000 customers globally, keeping millions of parents, faculty and staff informed in the event of crisis.



Reach all customers, employees and partners with one call!

The fastest, safest and most reliable way to disseminate important information.

Corporate Alerts

With tCALL, all employees and partners can be reached at the same time!

If personal appointments need to be coordinated, tCALL can be used to preselect in the most efficient way

Global Alerts

We want to enjoy our way of life without limitations, fear and without the urge of constantly checking the news. GlobalAlerts is providing such feeling of being safe. No need to check the news, if something happens your phone will ring.

School Alerts

SchoolAlerts is a mass, urgent notification system for the safety of your children! Communicate important information and warnings of schools and universities easily, safely and directly. Reach everyone with just one call.

Customer Care

Announce special offers, remind customers on upcoming maintenance services, coordinate appointments through In-Call Activity (ICA) or announce events.

Travel Alert

Whether you want to enjoy the most beautiful weeks of the year in a carefree way, or have a smooth business trip, TravelAlert guarantees you important safety information about your individual destination.

Information Services

Communicate with business partners, clients or employees. Coordinate teams, staff members and even an unlimited number of people with just one call.

Sales & Marketing

Reach all customers with just one call at a time? tCALL does just that and offers optimal solutions for dialogue with customers through In-Call Purchases (ICP) and In-Call Activities (ICA).



No internet connection needed

No app or account needed

Global, unlimited reach

Works with every phone

Perfect for illiterate and visually impaired people

Total protection against cyber crime

The challenges of todays' communication:

  • None of the currently available technologies are able to reach everyone
  • Lack of credibility & safety
  • No reliable measurability
  • Drawing less alertness
  • Apps are limited to smartphone users only


Changing Communication

tCALL is the first and only communication technology that allows a caller to reach from one to an unlimited number of people, instantaneously, simultaneously without depending on internet access – simply by using the global telecommunication network.

Having the world at our fingertips is great, but the steady flow of information overload keeps us distracted from what really matters. An incoming call creates the utmost attention and replaces all other incoming information. A call still is the function of choice to transmit the most important message.