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Corporate Alerts

In the event of a crisis, time is a critical factor. Often minutes and a fast and safe distribution of important information about a positive or negative outcome of the crisis situation decides. The Federal Government Commissioner for Disaster Protection and Head of the Crisis Unit, Albrecht Broemme, says: “Our greatest fear is a hack that suddenly paralyzes communication via apps, Twitter, Facebook or other services. With AlertGermany we are prepared for exactly this case.”

With tCALL’s alert system, regardless of the internet and build redundant, you can reach all registered users within a few minutes via smartphone, normal cell phone and landline. tCALL works with any phone, anytime, anywhere. All a recipient needs is a telephone.

By using ICA (In Call Activities), additional interactions can take place with the recipients of the calls. Recipients can “acknowledge” the call by pressing a button, confirming that they have received the information or select whether the information or additional information is to be sent via SMS.

Sending the information is as quick as the information reaches the recipient. It is the effort of one call and all users are reached.

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Reach all customers, employees and partners with one call!

The fastest, safest and most reliable way to disseminate important information.