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delivery CALL

Everyone hates missing deliveries. Every year about 35% of all parcels cannot be delivered at the first attempt. Speaking of Germany for example, that is an amount of roughly one billion (!) undelivered packages. 85% of these packages could not be delivered because the consumer wasn’t at home. Therefore it is no surprise that over 75% of all consumer inquiries when calling the hotline of a parcel service is the customer demanding the mobile phone number of the driver. Just in Germany failed deliveries are costing retailers close to a billion Euros each year – this coming with unhappy customers.

delivery CALL is the perfect solution to manage the growing challenges in the logistic markets with utmost efficiency. It provides advantages for all participants – recipients, senders as e.g. online-retailers, and of course the logistic companies themselves. The customer gets immediate notifications about the deliveries in a very convenient way through a phone call and even more can pick the perfect time for delivery simply by pushing keys during the call.


delivery CALL is enormously increasing the efficiency of logistics.