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Global Alerts

Alert calls are the safest and most reliable way to receive important information. Alert calls by tCALL are used by authorities as the most reliable tool for crisis management and disaster response, as well as for severe weather warnings.

While using Global ALERTS, the communication remains up and running even after a loss of internet connection, data, IT-breakdowns and other circumstances.

Alert calls are published in countries around the world, since there is no other technology that provides what tCALL does.

Country Alerts

Alerts directly to your Phone as a Call

The attacks in Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Istanbul have shown how close fear and terror are to us. Unfortunately this situation will not change so quickly. Country Alerts are the fastest, most reliable and only way to get directly important information about dangerous situations. If an important message gets transmitted by the security agencies, the call is received a few seconds later.

An Alarm System everyone can afford

It’s evident that it’s not only the poor countries that are most hardly hit by natural disasters, but it’s the poor people within these countries who bear the brunt of the impact. Cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes are hazards, but they become deadly disasters when they happen in vulnerable areas where people have few defenses and no heads-up warning. was founded to end this unfair unbalance and to provide these countries and regions with an alarm system anyone can take part in and afford. GlobalAlerts leaves no one behind, especially not those who are already suffering from poor living conditions. It is the only system that helps illiterate and visually impaired people get important information.

Travel Alert

Important Information about your Destination

Whether you want to enjoy the most beautiful weeks of the year in a carefree way or have a smooth business trip, TravelAlert guarantees you important safety information about your individual destination. You’ll be immediately informed if there is an incident and once it’s over you’ll be informed as well.


Medication Intake Reminder

A reminder for everyone who needs to take medication regularly or over a specific term. Thousands of people die every year due to a irregular intake of medication – only one reason why many newspapers and publishers cooperate with tCALL to bring this lifesaving service to millions of people.