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Med Alert

The quickest and easiest way to get reminded of taking
important medications – directly by phone call


„medAlert“ is a reminder-service for everyone who needs to take medication regularly or over a specific term. Thousands of people die every year due to an irregular intake of medication – only one reason why many newspapers and publishers cooperate with tCALL to bring this lifesaving service to millions of people.


„medAlert pro is the perfect tool for doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. As a service to their patients and customers they are able to remind them on medication, their appointments etc. as well as organize their daily business.

Some products that will make a difference

Blood donations

Blood dontations

A whole group of donors can be reached with a single call. The personal appeal is more than an anonymous mass mail.



It’s a nightmare to miss your holiday or business trip, because only one of the vaccination dates or taking a prophylaxis has been forgotten. The MedAlert helps prevent this from happening.



Reminder of the daily fitness program, rehab training or memory exercises, there are countless possibilities to use the MedAlert.