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A dangerously defective product is every company’s worst nightmare. Usually companies are taking a large financial hit. To avoid an even bigger financial loss by loosing reputation and trust in both the product and the brand, the way a product recall is conducted, is the first and most important step to regain trust of the consumers.

But the average success rate of a product recall through using the usual ways such as media and social media is just 10-20%. This means leaving potentially millions of risky items still in peoples homes, followed by huge mass torts and other legal consequences. And in most of the cases it is nearly impossible for the companies to prove that the consumer was properly informed. Mail, electronic mails and social media channels can easily be overlooked as well as by not everyone is using these channels in a regular basis.

tCALL is now introducing “reCALL” as the perfect solution for the above mentioned problems. Manufacturers are now able to contact each retailer selling their products within minutes through reCALL. With the effort of just one call a manufacturer is able to make all retailers to immediately remove a dangerous product. Another important part of reCALL is the revolutionary „reCALL On Demand“ technology which will enable a manufacturer to get important information out to the consumer as well.

Calls made through reCALL are traceable and therefor enable a manufacturer to prove, even in court, that retailers or even an individual consumer was immediately provided with all information needed.

Implementation of the reCALL

Selection of recipients

Recipient groups are updated in real time and are available to a group of authorized defined users.


No limit to the content of the direct voice recording: Important safety instructions can include details on the identification of the product, batch or serial number, color, size, details on the possible security risk, type of corrective measures and any reimbursement or replacement, etc.

Send a Call

The reCALL can be sent directly. The receivers’ phones ring just a few seconds after the start.


Immediately after the call has ended, an evaluation of the reached recipients is available. The detailed evaluation of the reCALL even indicates which recipient has been listening for how long and offers follow-up options.

Other alarm providers, such as Everbridge or Fact24, require an existing data connection to provide all of their services. Not us!

tCALL also works without the Internet and without additional software. All you need is a phone!
No matter whether smartphone, cell phone or landline.

  • 100% authenticity, credibility and security.
  • Maximum attention as an incoming call.
  • 100% measurable and verifiable communication with all recipients.
  • CANNOT be manipulated, duplicated and therefore NOT DISTRIBUTED!
  • Comprehensible, reliable and legally secure evaluations of who received reCALL and how long it was listened to.

No Internet Connection required


No App necessary


Unlimited Range


Maximum Attention


Optimal for
Visually Impaired
and Illiterate


Data Security


Reaches any Phone
– no matter if Smartphone,
Mobile Phone or Landline